Nikon Prostaff Binocular Harness

Product Details

The Nikon 6121 Prostaff Binocular Harness is a lightweight and convenient harness which takes the weight of your binoculars off your neck and distributes it evenly across your shoulders. The binoculars are attached to the elastic shoulder straps with a secure, quick release connection designed to move smoothly and easily up and down the straps for quick access. It provides steady binocular support with less strain on you.

Prostaff Bino Harness Features:

  • Prostaff Binocular Harness (#6121)
  • Takes The Weight Of Your Binoculars Off Your Neck
  • Distributes Weight Evenly Across Your Shoulders
  • Secure, Quick Release Connection
  • Binoculars Remain Attached To The Elastic Shoulder Straps

**Binoculars Not Included**
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